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Arjona, located in the Guadalquivir valley, known for the richness and quality of its olive groves, one of the biggest production centres of olive oil in the province of Jaen.

The climate and characteristics of the soil influence the attributes of the oil, making it unbeatable quality oil.

Rueda Lara, with deep roots in the municipality of Arjona, is a project that comes from the olive oil tradition that goes back two generations.

Awareness of the world of olive oil and to the culture of the Mediterranean diet led the children of Alfonsa Rueda to start a business venture.

Our philosophy is based on applying the best care to the olive and the desire to offer the consumer an extra virgin olive oil, 100% Picual olives of the highest quality


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 5L


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 500ml


Picual variety

Our oil which comes from the Picual variety has greenish tones. Fruity, fresh and fragrant smell. A slight bitterness predominates in its flavour with an intense taste of the olive itself, leaving a final exquisite taste in the mouth and a long aftertaste. The type of soil, the careful selection of fruits and high standards during the development process we can say means that is one of the finest oils in the world.

The way it is collected makes it special

Our oil is made from olives in perfect condition; they are looked after and pampered from the tree to the processing and packaging.


The process is carried out with the selection of fruit of the highest quality. Transported to the oil mill and later ground in the mill. After cold pressing, the decanted and filtered oil is kept in stainless steel tanks under in an inert atmosphere and controlled temperature before being packaged. The resistance to oxidation of the Picual oil ensures its stability and long conservation. Buy now >

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of olive oil?
To buy Olive Oil is to invest in health.
What is the acidity of oil?
It is a quality parameter that along with other parameters is used to classify virgin oils in three categories: Extra, Virgin and Lampante.
Acidity does not give any flavour.
How is oil best preserved?

The oil has to be kept from light, heat and air in order to prevent it losing its properties. The most important factor is light, which degrades the oils easily rapidly losing their properties.
So the best way to keep it is in a cool dark place, isolated from light and tightly closed so as to have no contact with oxygen and prevent oxidation and, later, rancidity.
The ideal storage temperature is about 18-19 ° C.

Does oil expire?

Olive oil has no expiry date, as such, but, unlike wine, it will deteriorate over time, it may oxidate and could end up turning “rancid”.

Extra virgin olive oil usually keeps all its properties both nutritional and organoleptic until a year after its collection.

Once the “best before” date is exceeded the product does not offer the full quality, it may have lost attributes or may not be entirely satisfactory. Only if consumed within this time is its condition guaranteed.

Difference between virgin/extra virgin and refined olive oil?

Virgin Olive Oil: obtained directly from olives using the mechanical extraction method without using refined oil.

Its acidity may rise to 2º.

From a nutritional point of view it contains antioxidants and vitamins that the olives provide.

  • Perfect for fish, poultry and meats (before cooking).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It is the highest quality. Conserves all its characteristics and health properties intact.

It can be considered olive juice without additives or preservatives.

It should never exceed 0.8º acidity

  • Perfect base for dressings, salads, vinaigrettes or condiment for dipping bread.

Refined olive oil: highly graded oil needs to be refined to be edible because it comes from olives of “poor quality” made from hot pressing or extraction.